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1 + 1 = 10, wildly minimalistic - easy and effortless!


AIVA offers “well” skin by treating it with less, to bring natural balance back to the skin. Wildly easy, well-tolerated and fuss-free skincare.We make the choice easy with minimal, fuss-free skincare: versatile, multi use products that don’t come with strict instructions for use.

Why? The cosmetics sector is saturated, and it´s difficult to understand product function or how to choose the “right” one! Recently, the 10-step Eastern skincare routine changed the way Westerners care for their face.
At AIVA, we wonder “What do those nine products not do, that the tenth promises?

What is essential in skin care is what is done and what is not. The skin itself is a master of moisturizing and nourishing.


AIVA formulations feature active substances found in regional Finnish plants, proven to be gentle yet effective. One good product is enough!

This is #skinimalism #aiva #aivaorganics


We believe that less is more. That we must create time to live, and space to breathe.


For us, the signs of a life lived: lines, spots, texture changes, are more authentic and fascinating than smoothed perfection. Happiness is visible in your face!


We believe in understandable language.
We believe in versatile, effortless and truly ecological products.

We believe that one good product is enough.

Thank you for choosing AIVA. Connect with us on social media, and join our newsletter so we can share our journey with you. And please, say hello to us! We can’t wait to hear your experience with AIVA.

PS AIVA is suitable for even the most sensitive skin: 0% of all participants in clinical trials had no irritation or allergic reaction to AIVA products. And we want sustainability with ingredients and packaging, but are wary of “greenwashing” and marketing trends.  AIVA is truly ecological: our range uses on average 78% less natural resources, energy, product packaging and even fuel compared to other natural skincare brands, we use 100% recyclable packaging, and a tube that is 40% post-consumer recycled material. Once you are finished with your AIVA product, it may be out of sight - but never out of mind!  We are pioneers in sustainability even with our full range of 7 products - in stores in the future. But you won´t need all of them. You can manage and have a well skin with less!


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