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AIVA Pure, From the Sound of Silence

AIVA is a new Finnish brand that knows you are one of a kind. Our AIVA Pure products are born in pure Nordic nature, where you are able to hear the silence.


AIVA Pure “Supergoods” complement AIVA skincare’s concept of inner-beauty and well-being, and are vibrant with iron, vitamins, trace elements and natural fiber that support the overall wellbeing of you and your skin. They contain no fillers, additives or extra sugars, and are a particularly good-tasting superfood.


You will recognize the purity of the genuine full-bodied berry!


Pure “Supergoods” are made in Finland from powdered organic whole, hand-picked wild, organic-certified berries. There are three products: The Red, The Blue and The Yellow.

Enjoy AIVA Pure -supergoods daily as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.Blend into smoothies, juices, water, yogurt, oatmeal or use for baking. The potentials are like you: limitless!


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