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Easy routine

AIVA wildly easy skin care is based on ease and simplicity, and respecting skin's natural functions.
We know that your skin is the authority of its own moisturizing, nourishing and balancing properties.

Our skincare philosophy is simple and minimalistic: reduce stress, cleanse gently, and moisturize and nourish as needed.Your skin knows how to take care of these functions all by itself.
So laugh often - happiness is visible on your face!


1. Gently cleanse your face with The Oil,


which helps to maintain and restore the skin’s natural protection. The Oil was originally developed to leave a subtle layer ofprotection on the skin to help hold moisture in and protect it.

No toner is needed. We believe the skin takes care of the most important functions of a toner - balancing and restoring - as long as we give it space to do its work.

Often after washing the skin feels “squeaky clean” - or tight and dry. But this means all natural oils have been removed. This will not happen after a gentle cleansingroutine with a product like AIVA The Oil, which helps the skin to restore its natural function.


Exfoliation is not needed: balanced skin takes care of the removal of dead cells on a monthly basis; only very oily and clogged skin needs exfoliation, in which case we recommend the help of your dermatologist.

2. Moisturize and nourish the skin in the evening, only when the skin feels tight and dry.


We wish to offer skin space to do its natural work: producing lipids,naturally moisturizing and balancing. Once the skin is accustomed to oil cleansing, even dry skin may do well without night creams.

3. Every morning moisturize, nourish and protect your skin with The Cream.


Packed with organic Finnish Bilberry (Nordic Wild Blueberry) Seed and Jojoba oils, it deeplynourishes and helps protect the skin from external factors such as free radicals and their oxidizing effects. Organic Black Tea helps reduce inflammation and promotes agentle detoxification, helping rebalance the skin.


The Cream works as a moisturizing, balancing face mask. Apply a thick layer to the desired areas of skin: face, neck, décolleté. Allow to absorb. Rub and / or wipe off after 5-10 minutes if your skin has not absorbed everything.For added hydration, mix with a few drops of The Oil.

4. Sun protection is a key element in protecting the skin.


Launching in June 2022, AIVA will offer its Ecocert Cosmos -eco-certified AIVA Sun Product Family for 100% natural, physical, reflective protection. Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Take it easy, remember to play, and have fun!

AIVA skincare products are multi-use.

According to current data, the surface of the skin reflects the intestinal microbiome within. Primary elements of a healthy intestinal microbiome include fiber, antioxidantsand essential fatty acids.

AIVA Pure “Supergoods” complement AIVA skincare’s concept of inner-beauty and well-being. 100% hand-picked powdered Finnish berries in 3 selections: The Red: Organic Northern Wild Berries Cranberry and Lingonberry, The Blue: Organic Wild Bilberry and The Yellow: Organic Northern Wild berries Cloudberry and SeaBuckthorn. Offering ie. natural vitamin E, Vitamin K, and essential trace elements. Gluten-free, additive-free, and free from added sugars.
To be taken in water, juice, smoothies, or sprinkled on cereals.

AIVA Pure The Red, The Blue and The Yellow “supergoods” perfectly complement our philosophy.



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